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But an end to the stalemate is unlikely, as yet again Washington appears to be playing its political games and ignoring shutdown victims
1/20/2019 9:14 PM
It should be good news that both President Donald Trump"s Republicans and Speaker Nancy Pelosi"s Democrats plan to vote to reopen the government this week. ...Read More
Trump offers temporary DACA fix in exchange for permanent wall
1/19/2019 7:19 PM
President Donald Trump on Saturday launched a new plan to end the government shutdown, offering temporary protection from deportations for some undocumented immigrants in exchange for $5.7 billion in wall funding. ...Read More
Ex-Obama security chief: A lot to work with on wall deal
1/20/2019 7:00 PM
Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says he agrees with some of the components laid out in President Trump"s shutdown proposal. ...Read More
Democrats tell Trump: Reopen the government. Then we"ll talk border security.
1/20/2019 11:54 PM
A day after President Donald Trump offered his plan to end the shutdown and fund a border wall in exchange for temporary protections for groups of immigrants, Democrats stood by their demand to reopen the government before negotiating about the border. Read More
Opinion: Pence"s shocking use of Martin Luther King"s words
1/20/2019 8:18 PM
On the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr."s birthday, Vice President Mike Pence shockingly invoked a line from the civil rights leader"s famous "I Have a Dream" speech to build support for President Donald Trump"s proposed deal on the border wall. Asking legislators to agree to Trump"s proposal of spending $5.7 billion on a border wall along with a ...Read More
GOP lawmaker: This is an idiotic shutdown
1/20/2019 4:38 PM
Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) tells CNN"s Ana Cabrera he likes President Trump"s offer to Democrats in exchange for border wall funding, but thinks that his colleagues in Congress need "to be adults." ...Read More
Opinion: Nancy Pelosi should negotiate with Ann Coulter
1/20/2019 9:33 PM
Donald Trump made a public offer on Saturday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats in an effort to end the longest government shutdown. He proposed to extend protection for DACA recipients and individuals with Temporary Protected Status in exchange for funding for his beloved wall (yes, the same wall he promised that Mexico woul...Read More
Giuliani: "So what" if Trump and Cohen talked?
1/20/2019 8:58 PM
President Donald Trump"s attorney Rudy Giuliani argued Sunday he did not know for sure if Trump spoke with Michael Cohen about his congressional testimony, but that it would not have been significant if Trump did. ...Read More
BuzzFeed journalist: "Our reporting is going to be borne out"
1/20/2019 6:25 PM
BuzzFeed says its sources are "standing behind" the bombshell report about the special counsel investigation. ...Read More
This is Trump"s economy, 2 years in
1/20/2019 9:46 PM
President Donald Trump"s third year in office begins with the federal government shut down, global growth slowing, and a stock market in turmoil. The economic policy decisions of the first half of his term accelerated growth in 2018, but most forecasts show that momentum evaporating going forward. Read More

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